Natural sources

Long-year tradition of successful spa therapy is connected with discovery of unique natural treatment source - natural mineral sulphurous water. 

Utilization of natural sulphurous water

Baths in local mineral water with high content of sulphur bring wide spectrum of positive effects and help to the improvement of health condition by treatment of orthopedic, revmatologic, neurologic and skin diseases.

Composition of natural sulphurous spring

Natural curative source in SULPHUROUS SPA Ostrožská Nová Ves according to contemporary balneologistic classification is natural, pure, sulphurous mineral water of type: hydrogen-carbonate-calcium-natrium-magnesium. Water is cold and hypotonic.  

Effects of natural sulphurous spring

Thanks to this curative source we treat with excellent effects also many skin diseases.

Natural mineral sulphurous water has very good effects to some chronic skin diseases, especially psoriasis, atopic ekzema and some other chronic skin disorders (dermatosis) for example lichen ruber planus, hyperceratosis, pruritus, acne etc.

Sulphurous water have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. They bring easing of muscular spasmas, improvement of blood supply, reduction of alergic reactions and increase of unspecifical immunity.  The effect is complete and includes positive effect on skin and the whole locomotive system. Well-marked is also influance on fatigue syndrome.

Sulphurous water are beneficial also for treatment of vascular system, mainly lymphatic edema and disorders of extremity arterias (atherosclerosis).