Sulphurous Spa Ostrožská Nová Ves

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We invite you on a short visit to SULPHUROUS SPA Ostrožská Nová Ves.

Spa resort with a hundred year tradition

  • Picturesque spa resort in the heart of Moravian Slovakia, region of wine, situated in a vast forest park.
  • Complete services under one roof, comfortable accommodation, restaurant and wide range of spa treatments and rehabilitation. 2 local natural sulphurous mineral springs.
  • Accommodation in SULPHUROUS SPA is provided in the main hotel with lift or in twoo small villas Vlasta and Šárka - these are situated about 80 m from the main hotel.
  • Spa therapy specialized in the treatment of diseases of the locomotive system, nervous system and skin diseases (especially psoriasis), and oncological diseases.
  • Professional medical spa care, non-stop medical assistance services.
  • Spa collonade - small shops, coffee bar with summer terrace and children playroom, wide range of cultural performances, sunbathing terrace.
  • Multifunctional sport site - tennis, volleyball, foot tennis, mini golf.


17. 10. 2018

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17. 3. 2018

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