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In our spa we provide a comprehensive treatment program aimed at strengthening and improving the overall condition of the client. We asked the head doctor Leoš Sochor, MD what the treatment of multiple sclerosis in the spa consists in.

Examination by a spa doctor
Examination by a spa doctor

In the Czech Republic, there are an increasing number of patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The first symptoms of the disease occur most often between 20 - 40 years of life. The coming of the disease cannot be overly influenced, and its cause has not been fully discovered yet.


Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system - brain, spinal cord, optic nerve. In most cases it is a progressive disease which is proceeding. Multiple sclerosis results from an immune response against myelin sheaths of the nerve fibres themselves. At the same time fibres lose their function, causing nervous system disorders. The first most common manifestation of multiple sclerosis is visual loss.

In addition to genetic assumptions, the environment has also a very significant impact. Virus infection, smoking, vitamin D deficiency and obesity are considered to be risk factors. Show more information

Slow down the signs of multiple sclerosis

"Correct treatment can slow down multiple sclerosis, it cancure multiple sclerosis and reduce its symptoms, which are different in most patients," says the head physician of the SULPHUROUS SPA, senior consultant LEOŠ SOCHOR, MD; we have asked him a few more questions.

1. How does spa treatment help clients with multiple sclerosis?

For clients with multiple sclerosis, a spa treatment program aimed at strengthening and improving overall fitness is very important. A suitable combination of different types of exercises and procedures can positively affect the full range of problems that make patients come to the spa. The physician works closely with the physiotherapist and nutritional therapist to evaluate the effect of the treatment. We approach each client individually, respect their needs and strive to find their health balance.

2.  What is the treatment of MS in a spa based on?

On the right combination of spa treatments, as follows:

  • Individual exercise with a physiotherapist should be the main treatment strategy. The physiotherapist in cooperation with the patient's physician will teach appropriate exercises. To maintain the long-term effect, the patient should exercise even after leaving the spa.
  •  Group exercise can be done using a variety of aids such as big or small balls, elastic bands, etc. Group exercise in the pool is also advisable because the water helps to float, at the same time resists movement, and so helps strengthen weakened muscles.
  • Hydrotherapy in the form of baths in mineral waters, pearls or whirlpools.
  •  Balneotherapy - treatment with natural healing resources.
  • Massages are a very popular spa treatment. They help relax muscles very effectively, but if they are not accompanied by active exercise, their effect is slight and short-lived.
  • Other spa procedures - electrotherapy, magneto therapy, ultrasound, laser, heat application, etc.

   3. What are the effects of baths in healing sulphuric mineral water?

  • anti-progressive, anti-degenerative and anti-atherogenic (anti-atherosclerosis) effect in neurological diseases
  • anti-painful effect
  • vascular wall loosening
  • disinfectant, anti-inflammatory effect with affecting immunity

4. How often should patients undergo spa treatment?
 It is best every year. Comprehensive spa care (KLP) is possible once within 24 months, we recommend alternating with contributory (allowance) treatment, when the health insurance company pays only spa procedures.

5. In conclusion, do you have any recommendations from the doctor's point of view?
 A spa stay will not have a long-term effect unless it is followed by regular home exercise or long-term outpatient physiotherapy. Patients should follow the advice and recommendations of the physician. 

We will advise you on what to choose

treatment covered by INSURANCE company

In multiple sclerosis, spa care is provided once every 24 months.

  • Comprehensive spa care - medical stays are paid from public health insurance funds. The length of stay is 28 days.
  • Contributory spa care - health insurance companies of the Czech Republic pay only spa treatment, except accommodation and meals. The length of stay in contributory spa care is 14 or 21 days according to the doctor's opinion.

We will advise you on how to go to the spa through a health insurance company.


A suitable alternative to spa care in SULPHUROS SPA is the offered spa treatment stays, which are paid by a client himself. Treatment and preventive programs are shorter in duration of 1-2 weeks. Selected programs include consultation or examination by a doctor, the procedure selection is chosen according to the doctor's prescription and the type of treatment program. Show the stay offer